The History of Villanova University

The History of Villanova University

At Main Line Philly Living, we enjoy sharing stories about our area, including its history and how it evolved into the community it is today. We’re sharing a brief history of Villanova University here, although the full story could actually be much longer!

Villanova University History

Villanova University is located in the town of Villanova, in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. The university was founded in 1842 by the Augustinian order of priests, who were invited to the region by Bishop Francis Patrick Kenrick. It was originally known as the “Augustinian College of Villanova”.

The university began as a liberal arts college for men, and in its early years, the school experienced a great deal of financial problems. It came close to closing as a result on a few occasions, but with the help of the local Augustinian community and donations from wealthy benefactors, it managed to survive.

Villanova began to thrive in the 20th century, as it expanded and modernized. In 1968, the university became a co-ed college, and it has also added a great number of academic programs, research centers, and athletic facilities. The university is thriving today, with its well-known and respected academic programs in arts, science and business…not to mention its highly successful basketball and other athletic achievements.

Today Villanova University has over 10,000 students enrolled in a wide variety of programs, and it is consistently ranked among the top Catholic universities in the country.

Even as Villanova University has grown significantly to being one of the most respected colleges in the country, it remains committed to its Augustinian ideals of truth, unity, love, and the pursuit of knowledge and service to others. Villanova University is dedicated to preparing students to become ethical leaders and engaged citizens.

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