Home Buying FAQ

Why do people move to the Main Line area?

The Main Line region of Philadelphia offers a microcosm of city life, but in a more suburban or even rural type of tranquil setting. It enables you to take advantage of the convenience of everything so close, yet still be away from the noise and congestion.

The Main Line is full of diverse culture, community activities, athletics, top schools, and it’s very inclusive in its activities. You can find tournaments, festivals, fairs, and walkable areas with great restaurants very close by.

I’m looking to buy a home in the Main Line area. What is the first thing I need to do?

The first step is for Christine Langdon is to put you in touch with the right lender, and get you pre-approved for a mortgage. This is a very simple process and can be done over the phone with no obligation. After this process, you’ll know which type of home you can afford, and you can start looking. Ready to get started? Reach out to Christine today!